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On sweet undeniable feeling of power of international intellectual feudalism, bias, discrimination, censoring and theft



Heart, Vessels and Transplantation exercises the ethical policies set by ICMJE, WAME, CSE and COPE. Authors are required to declare if any financial or material support was received for study, if there is any conflict of interest – please fill and sign the ICMJE Conflict of Interest form available in Authors` Corner and return to editorial office –, and

Author should seek the approval of institutional or local, national ethics review boards of the study protocol and the statement on compliance of planning, conducting, presenting human research and procedures used in the study are in accordance with Helsinki declaration as revised 2013 ( should appear in the methods section of the research articles and brief reports.

For case reports, if any personal patient`s data that identify patients the written permission of patient or parent if a patient is child to publish data and media material should be obtained and mentioned in the article (after conclusion section).

Informed patients` consent on the procedures is required and the statement on that patients/ participants are informed on the procedures and their obtained consent should appear in the methods section of studies involving human participants.

For animal (experimental) studies, it is necessary to indicate that the institutional, national and international standards for care and use of laboratory animals were used (International Association of Veterinary Editors` Consensus Author Guidelines on Animal Ethics and Welfare – 2010:

Authors should be aware that duplicate submission, plagiarism and other forms of ethical misconduct are prohibited, each manuscript is checked for matters of previous or parallel duplicate publications, plagiarism using databases and text similarity using special software- every article submitted to the journal is subjected for plagiarism and duplicate publication control by Crosscheck Ithenticate platform.