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1Postpericardiotomy syndrome and its complications: prevalence, clinical significance and management
Taalaibek Z. Kudaiberdiev
2Interpretation of uncommon ECG findings in patients with atrial flutter
Mykhaylo S. Sorokivskyy, Ulyana P. Chernyaha-Royko
3Frequency of detection of congenital heart diseases in different regions of Kyrgyz Republic
Taalaibek Z. Kudaiberdiev, Irina A. Akhmedova, Gulzada A. Imanalieva , Gulnaz T. Tursunbekova , Kayirnisa T. Tilemanbetova
4From Editor: Introducing a new journal and the 1st issue
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
5Our mission - reasons why we have chosen to launch a new international journal: HEART - VESSELS AND TRANSPLANTATION
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
6Writing a scientific paper: an integral part of the continuous academic development of healthcare professionals
Ljuba Bacharova
7Dissection of descending aorta treated by stent-graft implantation in a patient with Marfan syndrome
Marat A. Aripov, Ildar Z. Abdyldaev, Semen D. Chevgun, Bektur S. Daniyarov, Dinara B. Toktosunova, Azamat M. Sarbaev
8Nutrition characteristics and morbidity of adolescents (15-17 years) of Kyrgyz Republic
Feruza A. Kochkorova, Marina K. Esenamanova, Raisa M. Atambaeva, Tatyana Tsivinskaya, Anarbek Erbaev
9Surgical treatment of multiple echinococcosis of left ventricle
Zhamalbek I. Ashimov, Zhanybek J. Gaibyldaev, Taalaibek Z. Kudaiberdiev, Ernazar E. Borubaev, Ruslan A. Sadabaev
10 Choice of approaches for surgical correction of tricuspid pathology in patients with rheumatic multi-valvular heart disease
Hamidullah A. Abdumadzhidov, Hayrullah J. Buranov, Ilkhom K. Huzhakulov, Ikrom I. Mirhodzhaev, Sh. T. Artikov
11Atria: A comprehensive evaluation with echocardiography
Oben Baysan, Ezgi Polat Ocaklı, Tugba Kayhan Altuner, Sinan Altan Kocaman
12Statement from the international research interdisciplinary school collaboration group
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
13Surgical treatment of multi-valve heart disease associated with infective endocarditis
Hamidullah A. Abdumadzhidov, Hayrullah J. Buranov, Ilkhom K. Huzhakulov, Ikrom I. Mirhodzhaev
14External Reviewers
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
15Content page
16Reviewers of issue
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
17In Memory of Professor Galen S. Wagner M.D., Ph.D. (1939 - 2016) – our mentor, colleague and friend
Marylin Wagner, Laura Wagner, Chris Wagner, Samuel J. Bell, Brit W. Nicholson, David G. Strauss, Stafford Warren, Ole Pahlm, Ljuba Bacharova, Eric Eisenstein, Jonathan Lipton, Maria Sejersten Ripa, Rasmus Sejersten Ripa, Stefan Nelwan, Ioana Mozos, Michael Ringborn, Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
18Brief guideline on use of statistical analysis and report data in article submitted for consideration for publication in Heart Vessels and Transplantation
Samat Kadyrov
19In Memory of Professor Dr. Ahmet Birand (1938-2017) – cardiologist, scientist, innovator and educator
Esmeray Acarturk, Asli Birand, Gulmira Kudaiberdieva, Oben Baysan, Bulent Gorenek
20A short message from the Editor-In-Chief: submit articles for academic advancement or contribute to evidence pool and education
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva