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1 Choice of approaches for surgical correction of tricuspid pathology in patients with rheumatic multi-valvular heart disease
Hamidullah A. Abdumadzhidov, Hayrullah J. Buranov, Ilkhom K. Huzhakulov, Ikrom I. Mirhodzhaev, Sh. T. Artikov
2 Quiz: Echo imaging case
Yuriy Ivaniv
3A funnel shaped pannus formation above the mitral prosthetic valve diagnosed with real time three-dimensional echocardiography
Ezgi Polat Ocaklı, Oben Baysan, Tugba Kayhan Altuner, Sinan Altan Kocaman
4A life-threatening ventricular arrhythmia secondary to loperamide abuse, “a poor man’s methadone”
Miguel A. Rojas Carrera, Juan Guzman Olea, Gabriel Guzman Olea, Ernesto Hernandez Jimenez
5A rare case of bacterial infective endocarditis caused by Streptococcus alactolyticus
Nedim Cekmen, Oben Baysan, Emine Disbudak, Ceren Gunt
6A short message from the Editor-In-Chief: submit articles for academic advancement or contribute to evidence pool and education
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
7A tale of two cities: The influence of literature on medicine
Christos Tsagkaris, Theodora Ioannidou
8Academic English writing course 6 April-14 May 2021
9Acute coronary syndrome, a rare manifestation of infective endocarditis: a case report
Fabio Tagliari, Caio Leal Ribeiro, Gabriel Padua Valladao de Carvalho, Lais Pedroso Tagliari, Clara Weksler, Cristiane C. Lamas
10Advances in echocardiography: global longitudinal strain, intra-cardiac multidirectional flow imaging and automated 3d volume analysis
Oben Baysan, Ezgi Polat Ocaklı, Yasemin Saglam, Tugba Kayhan Altuner
11Analysis of early postoperative outcomes of combined simultaneous and multistage surgeries
Alymkadyr S. Beyshenaliev, Nurgazy M. Zhumagulov, Taalaibek K. Atabaev, Begmamat M. Nyshanov
12Announcement on peer-review during COVID-19 pandemics
13Anomalous origin of right coronary artery from left coronary sinus associated with aneurysm of aortic root
Rustem M. Tuleutayev, Daurenbek O. Urazbekov, Kuat B. Abzaliyev, Kyanysh O. Ongarbayev
14Answer to a Quiz on page 23: Electrophysiology
Ayan Abdrakhmanov, Zhandos Esilbayev
15Answer to a Quiz : Pacemaker on page 55 and case discussion
Sok-Sithikun Bun, Karim Hasni
16Answer to a Quiz on page 25: Electrocardiogram
Mykhaylo S. Sorokivskyy
17Answer to a Quiz on page 114 Electrophysiology
Ayan Abdrakhmanov, Zhandos Esilbayev
18Answer to a Quiz on page 24: Echocardiography
Oben Baysan
19Answer to a Quiz on page 54: Electrophysiology
Ayan Abdrakhmanov, Zhandos Esilbayev
20Answer to a Quiz: ECG-Pacemaker on page 26 and case discussion
Sok-Sithikun Bun, Abdelkarim Errahmouni