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121Development of the congenital heart disease surgeries in Kyrgyzstan
Samidin E. Shabyraliev, Ulan E. Turusbekov, Nurkan O. Rayapov, Emil J. Muraliev
122The results of a three-year research program on assessment of primary diagnostic issue of congenital heart defects in children under 1 year and the availability of cardiac surgical care in the Kyrgyz Republic
Taalaibek Z. Kudaiberdiev, Irina A. Akhmedova, Bakytbek Zh. Imanov, Damirbek A. Abibillaev, Zhunus Kadyraliev, Nurgul Shoonaeva, Chinara Satarova, Gulzada A. Imanalieva , Kayirnisa T. Tilemanbetova , Zarema Zhakypova, Gulnaz T. Tursunbekova
123Strategy of complete preservation of the subvalvular structures in the mitral valve replacement
Dinara B. Toktosunova
124International scientific -practical conference dedicated to 60 years of the first heart surgery and 15 years of SRIHSOT: Papers and Abstracts
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
125Retrospective analysis of HF detection in city hospitals of Bishkek in three-year study (2016-2018)
Taalaibek Z. Kudaiberdiev, Akylbek A. Zhooshev, Damirbek A. Abibillaev
126From Editor-in-Chief
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
127Reviewers of the June 2019 issue
128Bundle branch reentrant tachycardia treated with cardiac resynchronization therapy in a patient with dilated cardiomyopathy
Panagiotis Koudounis, Paraskevi C. Fragkou, Maria Agelaki, Apostolos Christou, Panagiota Manolakou, Ioannis Tsiafoutis, Nikolaos Bourmpoulis, Apostolos Katsivas
129Technological advances in cardiac pacing and defibrillation
Sok-Sithikun Bun, Fabien Squara, Didier Scarlatti, Guillaume Theodore, Decebal Gabriel Latcu, Karim Hasni, Fatima Azzahrae Benaich, Emna Allouche, Nadir Saoudi, Emile Ferrari
130Content page
131Quiz: Electrophysiology
Ayan Abdrakhmanov, Zhandos Esilbayev
132Answer to a Quiz on page 114 Electrophysiology
Ayan Abdrakhmanov, Zhandos Esilbayev
133A rare case of bacterial infective endocarditis caused by Streptococcus alactolyticus
Nedim Cekmen, Oben Baysan, Emine Disbudak, Ceren Gunt
134Correction note
Pavel Tiumkin
135International jubilee scientific-practice conference devoted to the 110 years of academician IK Akhunbaev, 60 years of the first heart surgery and 15 years of SRIHS&OT "Innovations in cardiac surgery from finger commissurotomy to implantation of high-technology devices"
Seitkhan D. Djoshibaev, Taalaibek Z. Kudaiberdiev, Zhamalbek I. Ashimov, Arthur B. Jumanazarov, Atabek Anarbaev, Stalbek M. Akhunbaev
136International Research Interdisciplinary Schools 2019 (IRIS 2019)
Ljuba Bacharova, Eric Eisenstein, Jonathan Lipton, Mykhaylo S. Sorokivskyy, Lia Bang, Uliana Pidvalna, Anastasia Aker, Lubica Murinova, Dominika Komarova
137The gut and the heart: a concise narrative review
Cristiane Lamas
138From Editor-in-Chief
Gulmira Kudaiberdieva
139Quiz: Electrocardiogram
Josh Hawson, Jonathan Lipton
140Answer to Quiz on page 115: Electrocardiogram
Josh Hawson, Jonathan Lipton